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Textured Glass Orange Bowl
  • Textured Glass Orange Bowl

    Elevate your tabletop with the allure of this vintage glass orange bowl, a captivating piece that marries elegance with nostalgia. The detailed craftsmanship and textured glass make this bowl a distinctive addition to your collection. Whether serving as a focal point on your dining table or adding a touch of vintage charm to your decor, this piece promises to infuse your space with timeless sophistication.



    • Diameter: 21cm


    Styling Tip:

    Let this detailed glass orange bowl take center stage by placing it as a standalone piece or incorporating it into a curated arrangement of vintage glassware. The textured surface adds a tactile dimension, making it a versatile accent for various design styles.


    Imperfectly Perfect:

    Kindly note that the vintage items available on our website may exhibit signs of wear and tear, embracing the unique character and history that come with their age.

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