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Regency Portait on Board
  • Regency Portait on Board

    Transport yourself to the elegance of the Regency era with this exquisite portrait of a lady, painted oon board. Dressed in a striking blue gown, her ringlets delicately framing her face, the painting captures the timeless beauty and refinement of the time. The artist's attention to detail brings forth the grace and sophistication characteristic of Regency portraiture. This captivating piece is not just a painting; it's a window into the past, a nod to an era of poise and style.



    • Dimensions: Height 42cm x Width 33.5cm


    Styling Tip:

    Infuse a touch of Georgian sophistication into your space by featuring this regency portrait as a centerpiece on a wall or part of a curated gallery. The rich blue tones and the lady's classic elegance make it a timeless addition to both traditional and eclectic decor.


    Imperfectly Perfect:

    Kindly note that the vintage items available on our website may exhibit signs of wear and tear, embracing the unique character and history that come with their age.

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