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Glazed Ceramic 10/10
  • Glazed Ceramic 10/10

    Uncover the essence of mid-century French sophistication with this unique Glazed Ceramic, crafted in the delightful hues of pink/peach from the 1950s. This one-of-a-kind figurine, part of a limited set of 10, is a quirky addition to any space. Its distinctive shape and glazed finish make it a versatile and enchanting piece, adding a touch of vintage allure to your curated decor.


    Height 16.5cm


    Styling Tip:

    Infuse your space with whimsical charm by placing this ceramic on display, alongside other vintage treasures. The soft pink/peach color and unique design offer a touch of nostalgia, making it the perfect addition to any space.


    Imperfectly Perfect:

    Kindly note that the vintage items available on our website may exhibit signs of wear and tear, embracing the unique character and history that come with their age.

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