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Family Photograph on Card 2
  • Family Photograph on Card 2

    Step into a bygone era with this old photograph mounted on card, a nostalgic glimpse into a family gathered in a charming sitting room. This vintage piece captures a moment frozen in time, emanating the warmth and character of days gone by. The details of the family, the decor and the atmosphere tell a story, making it a timeless addition to your collection, inviting you to rediscover the beauty of a captured moment.



    • Dimensions: 20cm x 16.5cm


    Styling Tip:

    Infuse your space with a touch of history by placing this vintage photograph on a dedicated gallery wall or as a standalone piece on a shelf. Its classic charm and the storytelling element make it a conversation starter in any room.


    Imperfectly Perfect:

    Kindly note that the vintage items available on our website may exhibit signs of wear and tear, embracing the unique character and history that come with their age.

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